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downloaded the install from here, for Lomm. When i run setup it keeps saying that there is something else trying to install and that i cant do it. I dont have anything installing, and cant instal this, have rebooted pc, removed rebooted, everything ihave tried does not work


wrote Jun 13, 2009 at 1:10 AM

(I tried to send you a direct message via CodePlex, but I kept getting a system error. I hope you're getting email notifications when someone responds to an issue you posted!)
Howdy. I just noticed that you posted about a problem getting LOMM (a program to help do some stuff in LOTRO--it's at lomm.codeplex.com) installed. I don't know why I didn't get an email that a new issue had been posted; possibly I lost it. September was a crazy month for me (had a project for a paying client in free fall).
I'm working on LOMM 3.0 after a long dry spell. I didn't get Mines of Moria when it came out (I got the WoW expansion and didn't want to go back into 2 games at once).
If you're still interested in trying LOMM (and still playing LOTRO), try grabbing the installer from http://code.google.com/p/lomm/. It's the same code as on CodePlex, but 3.0 will be on CodePlex only. Assuming I get 3.0 working, of course. I need to get an intial check-in going soon.
As to why the installer didn't run, I'm befuddled, but if you have the source, you don't actually need to install. You can run the built binaries, although you may need to drop the configuration file in either the "usual" place for an installed app or in the application directory (which VS will do for you, I think).
I got MoM a few weeks ago and am pleased (and surprised) to discover that LOMM 2.0b2 runs just fine and the only real problem is that the menus are missing 5 new dances and 6 new emotes. Certainly reasonable, given how stale the menus are.
Whether you're still interested in LOMM or not, than you for the issue report and I'm sorry for the late response. Enjoy LOTRO (any/or any other game you're playing) and have fun with your projects!
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